Biggest fanbase football club

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Biggest fanbase football club

Earlier this yearfinancial services firm Deloitte released its annual Football Money Leaguecharting the massive revenues of Europe's biggest football clubs. As the wallets of the continent's biggest teams continue to grow, so too do their online presences. Social media has become a crucial part of the way the largest clubs connect with their fans around the world, with some even hosting foreign language Twitter accounts. Social media is also increasingly driving revenue for clubs as brands target players with large followings for sponsorships.

There is still some disparity, though, between the clubs with the most money and the clubs with the most fans on social media, anyway. Scroll down to see who are the most popular teams from Deloitte's rich list, ranked in ascending order of combined followers on Facebook, Instagram and their biggest Twitter page — rounded to the nearest hundred thousand.

Instagram : 0. The "04" stands for when the Club was founded… in With that much history, you can bet the team has built up a huge fanbase, and much of that has migrated online.

Though the club is one of Germany's wealthiest and most stable, its place in the Money League is under threat because of its absence from UEFA competitions this season. Facebook : 2.

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Facebook : 3. The club signed Danny Ings during the transfer window who has almostfollowers on Instagram. The Toffees' social accounts will have benefited from a season with Wayne Rooney, who has Facebook : 4.

Instagram : 1. Napoli lost the Serie A title to Juventus by just four points last year — a performance that saw revenues increase to earn the southern Italian side a place in the Money League. Belgian forward Dries Mertens has 1. Instagram : 2. Leicester City gatecrashed the Money League last season when it ranked 20th.

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Deloitte says the key to further inclusion on its lists will be regular top 10 finishes in the Premier League. Facebook : Spurs are up one place since February last year. They placed second in the Premier League last season and its run in the Champions League this season has caused a financial windfall and a boost to their online presence. Instagram : 4. Their striker Antoine Griezmann has almost 21 million Instagram followers. Instagram : 5. Dortmund had the highest average match attendance of any Bundesliga club last season, according to worldfootball.

Unsurprisingly, that resulted in a lot of social media traffic. The club's biggest star Marco Reus has 6. Instagram : 7. Manchester City lands a total five places below their place on the Deloitte Money League as its budget outweighs its fan base. However, City is still a developing club and its position as an economic powerhouse should see it grow comfortably on social media as manager Pep Guardiola continues to make high-profile signings.

Instagram : 8. Mohamed Salah the "Egyptian King" of Liverpool has Instagram : Ronaldo's post confirming his move to Juventus quickly became the 4th most-liked Instagram of all time. Bayern Munich is up one place since February last yeartopping London side Arsenal. The German side will have received a boost from signing Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez, who boasts almost 40 million followers on Instagram.

Their English Twitter account has overfollowers.Celtic have more fans in England than most Premiership teams. And Arsenal and Chelsea?? They can't have more than 10 supporters outside London, and that's both together! Manchester united have to try to caught up liverpool's champion league victory. Liverpool has vast fans in southeast asia.

Especially in burma and indonesia. Liverpool supporters is greater than other else. Chelsea and Arsenal should be among the first 4 teams in terms of fan base, why are you under ranking them? I guess Galatasaray is one of the most popular teams.

It has a huge fan base in arabic world. Should be on the list. Yeah right. Don't be silly now. You all fuckin idiots cuz thes facts r real, am frm south africa nd no 1 in africa gives a shit bwt celtics. Must b a britsh tng. U deserves to be on top period,for those of you who expect to see their team on top just because they support it yor are wrong sorry it dosent work that way.

U n i t e d, united is the team for me with a nick back paddy wack give the dog a bone.

Top 10 Football Clubs with Biggest Fan Bases

I hope city fuckkk of home. Honours Abramovic do you have something to say??!!!!!!!! I do not know why real is 3rd? Is it because of the stupid asian fans? How in the world chelsea manu and arsenal all 3 in top 10 list? Chelsea,manu, arsenal, and liverpool - i doubt any one of them even comes in top 10 football clubs in the world currently!!!!!

Do EPL clubs buy fans????Bleacher Report is taking a look at the most dedicated fanbases in World Football.

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Clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid are well known worldwide and have tons of fans outside of their own cities. We aren't talking necessarily about the most well-supported clubs in terms of numbers, though these clubs fall into both categories.

For this list we are looking at clubs whose fans are behind them percent through the good times and the bad. The statistical evidence, average attendance and so forth, alone shows how dedicated fans of some clubs are. While for others like Barcelona and Celtic, the club's origin and ideals etc. It isn't just clubs with dedicated fanbases, however, as international teams certainly have tons of interest in various countries.

Since it's a bit hard to judge international fans versus club fans, the international teams have their own little mini-ranking as it were. Spanish fans have had a lot more to cheer about recently as their team has dominated on the European and World stage. Spain had a history of underachievement before its recent turn of success, but their supporters were always behind them and have since been rewarded.

Italian fans rallied behind their teams in the World Cup and this years' Euro tournament despite the troubles going on in the Serie A. That dedication almost led to two trophies. They helped their team to a win in the World Cup, but were unable to help them overcome Spain in the Euro final.

To be honest, any of the African nations could have gone here as they are extremely passionate about their football. Ghana received some great support in the World Cup and the World Cup. The fans have plenty to cheer about with talents like Jordan and Andre Ayew in the squad.

You'll see some passionate Turkish club fans later on in this list, which will give you an idea of just how much the Turkish population loves their football. The team has become more of a threat in Europe in recent years and has given their fans plenty more to cheer about as a result. As controversial as they can be, you can't say that fans of the Croatia National team aren't dedicated.


The fans show up to every major game and are a big reason why the national team is hard to beat at home. They certainly won't get any prizes for being nice fans, but they are most definitely in full support of their team. It would be safe to say that the Mexican national team had plenty of support during the recently concluded Olympic football tournament. Mexican football fans know their teams from the youth setup all the way to senior side and are dedicated to watching every tournament possible in which their teams compete.

It's no surprise that the German national team has tons of support given the team's history of success and ability to show up for the big tournaments. The support the women received in the Women's World Cup shows just how dedicated German's are to cheering on their national sides. The English are always prepared to support their national teams when it comes around to major tournaments, even if it's usually because they have some high expectations for the team.

biggest fanbase football club

Though the team usually fails to live up to those expectations, their fans come out again in full force for the team's next tournament.Thousands of football matches are played each year among the hundreds of teams, various transfers take place, and numerous award ceremonies are held. Accordingly, the number of fans of these clubs increases or decreases every year.

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Although some people are loyal fans, some people can change the club they admire for some reasons such as footballer transfer, the number of wins of the club for that year, etc. As in the past, the club's most fans are determined not by the number of people coming to the stadium or number of jerseys sold but by the number of followers on social media. Of course, they are also important factors and should be known to the club.

But today, we will do research based on modern life and identify the clubs that have the most fans in the world by the number of followers on social media. All figures are due on September 29, and Twitter figures are based on the official page of each club representing the country only.

We begin our list with an English club. Although, it was established inand it began operating under its current name on April 16, It has nicknames like Citizens, Sky Blues, and City. The number of fans has been increasing steadily in recent years due to the last two wins of this club in andwhich has won six Premier League, in general.

If you are planning to travel to Manchester, you are advised at least to watch the club's game and see the famous Etihad Stadium, which hosts over 55, fans. We are continuing our list with another English club, Arsenal. The club, founded inalso competes with Manchester City in the Premier League. Its nickname is The Gunners. Emirates Stadium, over 60, square feet, should also be listed as one of the must-see destinations for football fans when traveling.

I think with the leave of Arsene Wenger, who has been the most successful manager of the club and has been managing it since untilthe club has lost the fans but still managed to enter the top ten. The list is still going on with English clubs.

It seems they are dominating. The situation is always the same in the Premier League. Unlike many countries, there are many strong teams fighting each other. In this case, it is not clear who will win until the last games, which makes the English league even more exciting. The club, known as The Reds and founded inplays in the Anfield stadium with a capacity of over 53, The club has won the Champions League six times, including the andand maybe a large number of fans is due to this.

As a football fan, I can say that it is one of the few clubs I want to watch live!Despite eye-watering transfer fees this summer, the Red Devils remain on the precipice of the top four, seemingly requiring victory in the Europa League to ensure Champions League football next season. Despite the shaky form of the last few seasons, support across the country remains considerably high.

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The club claimed its biggest victories in areas without a top flight team, enjoying its biggest search percentage in Surrey, West Sussex, Suffolk, and Kent.

Well, the simple answer is decades of consistent success. Inthe club became the first sports team in the world to be valued at three billion dollars and achieve a worldwide fanbase of million people. Past signings from around the world have also developed interest in the club, such as South Korean midfield maestro, Ji Sung Park, and Portuguese wonderkid, Cristiano Ronaldo.

biggest fanbase football club

This has been supported by a range of marketing campaigns, high profile sponsorship deals, and regular footballing tours across Asia, America, and the Far East. Iconic players of the past encouraged homegrown support from fans at home, with the likes of George Best, David Beckham, Roy Keane, and Bobby Charlton et al. They may have just missed out on the Championship Playoffs this year, but Leeds United are the most popular club in Yorkshire.

The 30 biggest clubs in world football, including Manchester United, Liverpool, and Barcelona

Whether or not the Red Devils will oust Manchester City from the top four remains to be seen, but Manchester United have certainly staked their claim as the most popular club in the county. A distinct lack of top flight clubs in East Anglia has bolstered support for clubs not from the local area, with Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and West Ham all featuring at the expense of Peterborough United and Ipswich, who are relegated to third choice.

Tyne and Wear will be delighted with the news that Newcastle United are marching back into the Premier League after a dominant display in the Championship this season. Liverpool is often thought of as one of Europes big boys, but they arent even the biggest club on Merseyside.

Liverpool and the surrounding area are undeniably blue, it seems, as the popularity of Everton outweighs Liverpool in Merseyside — even in the city of Liverpool. Surprisingly, Manchester United are the second most popular team in Greater London, followed by a three-way split of Chelsea, Liverpool, and West Ham Spurs fail to reach even the top five. Lower league sides from in and around the capital miss out due to the allure of the big boys, with Millwall, QPR, Charlton, Leyton Orient, and many others failing to hit the top spots.

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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Football - Soccer. English Football. International Football. Which football club has the biggest fan base? Wiki User I'm sorry guys but the biggest team isnt in Europe it's in brazil Flamengo! So stop acting like you noobs know anything about football Flamengo has over 38 million beat that man u. The football club with the biggest fan club in Spain is Barcelona football team.

Liverpool Football Club. Asked in International Football Which football club has the biggest fan base in Milan? The biggest fan base in Milan are at the San San Siro. Asked in College Football Most popular fan base ncaa football team? Asked in Scotland Which Scottish football club has the largest fan base? Asked in International Football Which football club has the oldest fan base?

It is Manchester United.

The 30 biggest clubs in world football, including Manchester United, Liverpool, and Barcelona

The English club Manchester united has the largest fan base in the world, Real Madrid comes second.Football Clubs with Biggest Fan Bases : Every year Deloitte, the financial services firm releases its annual list of football clubs with most wealth. It takes into account various money matters and transfers, endorsements and sponsorships and other such factors.

biggest fanbase football club

This year too they revealed the list and fans were not surprised at all. The massive revenues for football clubs grow each year and Manchester United is now leading up top. However, even though the Red Devils are pocketing lots of profit, they are still not the most followed team on this globe. It is no surprise that these clubs have magnificent amount of money in their pockets growing as the days are passing and so is their online presence in the world.

Social Media is the most important asset as it connects the clubs with their fans making a revenue out of their star player as the brand target players with a huge following and who is really active on social media.

Manchester City — Followers millions :. Manchester City lands at the 10th place as the fan base of the club is heavier than its budget. But nevertheless, Manchester city is an emerging club and the social standing of the club will continue to grow as the manager Pep Guardiola is signing some high profile players.

Liverpool FC — 51 million followers. European supergiants Liverpool is now back amongst the favourites, after years of dominating Europe and the slump hence, the Reds since their takeover from Fenway Sports Group are on upward curve which is reflecting on their social media presence as well. Also, the recent big money signings and the talk of winning of the Premier League will only help Liverpool further enhance their presence online.

The 20 most popular rich-list football teams on social media

Juventus — His post confirming his move to Italy quickly became the 4th most-liked Instagram of all time. Paris Saint-Germain — The French team took a huge step and signed Neymar Jr. The Brazilian striker turns out to be a good decision for the club as he showed his magic on and off the field.

biggest fanbase football club

After the signing the club gained over million followers that was just him alone. Arsenal FC — Furthermore, the signing of players like Lacazette and Aubameyang will only boost their presence as they target a top four finish this time around.

Bayern Munich — Bayern Munich is up one place since February last year, topping London side Arsenal. The German Club signed Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez which helped them gain almost 40 million followers. Unlike other clubs, The German club run its Twitter handle in its native language, though the Facebook page is running in English which is the reason they have low following on its Twitter handle.

Their English Twitter account has overfollowers.


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